Experts and Policy Makers Gather for Event on Multisectoral Interventions to Promote Healthy Living

DCP3’s Project Director Dr. Rachel Nugent participated in a World Bank/PAHO senior expert meeting on “Promoting Healthy Living in the Americas: Multisectoral Interventions to Reduce Health Risk Factors” on November 18, 2013.  Arranged by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the World Bank’s Health, Nutrition, and Population offices, the meeting brought together policy makers and experts to share country experiences and lessons about multisectoral interventions to reduce health risk factors, particularly prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).  The meetings were co-financed by the Spanish Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean, and were held at the World Bank.

The main objectives of the event were to:

  • Highlight the importance of multisectoral interventions to promote healthy living.
  • Share and exchange lessons from successful or promising multisectoral interventions to promote healthy living in the region.
  • Discuss the challenges involved in designing and implementing multisectoral interventions to prevent NCDs and promote healthy life styles.


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Panelists Dr. Eduardo Jaramillo Navarrete (Mexico), Dr. Marina Kosacoff (Argentina), and Dr. Timothy Evans (World Bank) discuss multisectoral strategies to improve diets at the meeting on “Promoting Healthy Living in the Americas: Multisectoral Interventions to Reduce Health Risk Factors". 



DCPN in the Americas

The DCP country network has partnered with PAHO to develop new economic information to guide policy development on NCDs.  As middle- and upper-income countries predominate in the region, NCDs are by far the issues of greatest health concern and pose significant resource demands in PAHO countries. The DCPN is co-sponsoring the development of a book on “Non-communicable Disease Priorities in the Americas”, and working with PAHO to enhance capacity in the region for economic evaluation. 

In addition to the country network contributions to NCD priority setting, the World Bank’s Irina Nikolic is joining Dr. Nugent as a co-author in the Cardio-metabolic and Respiratory Disease volume.  The chapter summarizes existing evidence on intervention costs and cost-effectiveness for vascular and metabolic disease. 



Pan America