Launch of Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Report

On Monday, April 27 the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery was released in front of an audience of current and future leaders in the global surgery and health policy fields, as well as members of the press and public at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.  Dr. John MearaDCP3 Essential Surgery chapter author and the Director of the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change at Harvard Medical School, chaired the Lancet Commission along with Dr. Andy Leather, and Dr. Lars Hagander.  In addition to the main report, the first set of accompanying research papers, abstracts, and teaching cases are now available on the commission's website.  

The commission involved 25 international experts from a variety of disciplines, including DCP3 Essential Surgery volume editor Atul Gawande, communications Technical Advisory Group member Dr. Gavin Yamey, Essential Surgery Foreword author Dr. Paul Farmer, and chapter authors Drs. Anna Dare and Iain Wilson.  Essential Surgery editors Drs. Haile Debas and Charlie Mock also participated in the launch event.


About the Report

The 25,000 word report takes a comprehensive look at the state of global surgery, and finds that 5 billion people lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed. According to the commission's Policy Brief 1, "timely access to surgical care is essential to reduce death and disability from surgical conditions."  



London Launch Photos:



DCP3 Essential Surgery author and Commission co-chair Dr. John Meara opens the launch event by summarizing the report's key findings.  


DCP3 Essential Surgery lead editor, Dr. Haile Debas (front left), attended the standing-room only launch of The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery report.


DCP3 contributor Dr. Gavin Yamey discusses financing implications for global surgery at the April 27 launch.


DCP3 Essential Surgery editor Dr. Atul Gawande shares stories of preventable deaths in India due to lack of surgical care.


View the Commission's official launch photo gallery here.