Kristen Danforth

Director, Strategic Planning
University of Washington, Dept. of Global Health

Kristen Danforth is the Director of Strategic Planning for the Disease Control Priorities Network.  Together with Brie Adderley she facilitates the daily implementation of the project, as well as supports DCPN’s country engagement efforts. Prior to joining DCPN she worked at the International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) as the Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor for I-TECH’s Tanzania program. Before moving to the UW, Kristen worked for the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s Board on Global Health where she supported two reports, the Evaluation of PEPFAR (2013) and Promoting Cardiovascular Health in the Developing World: A Critical Challenge to Achieve Global Health (2010). She received her B.S. in international health from Georgetown University and her M.P.H. from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.


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