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Improving Institutional Capacity in Economics in the Ministry of Health

In recent years Rwanda has made significant strides toward improving its health performance. Between 2005 and 2009, there was a 32% reduction in the under-five mortality rate and a 49% reduction in the maternal mortality rate. This is due, in part, to the government doubling its budget allocation for health services. However, Rwanda is still struggling to achieve universal health coverage for infectious diseases while experiencing an emergence of noncommunicable diseases due to urbanization and an increased number of high-risk behaviors.

In order to help set priorities for allocating Rwanda’s constrained health budget and achieve the greatest possible health gains, the former Minister of Health, Agnes Binagwaho, encouraged greater institutional capacity in economics within the Ministry of Health (MOH) and at the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health (NURSPH). DCPN was invited to collaborate with the NURSPH by Partners in Health, an American NGO with longstanding health care programs in Rwanda and an adviser to Minister Agnes Binagwaho. DCPN worked closely with the leadership of the School of Public Health on a Master’s program in Health Economics and Financing. 

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