DCP3 Monthly Newsletter - Issue 25



DCP3 Cancer Volume Launched at AORTIC Conference

DCP3 Cancer volume editors and authors launched the Cancer volume at the 2015 AORTIC conference - "AORTIC Roadmap to Cancer Control in Africa - in Marrakech, Morocco November 18, 2015.  Editors Hellen GelbandRengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, and Sue Horton joined chapter authors for a panel event presenting the cancer volume's main messages, with a particular focus on the economic analyses presented in the volume.  

Chaired by Hellen Gelband, the session featured presentations from editors and authors on childhood cancers, cervical cancer, palliative care, cancer registries and surveillance, and economic analyses of essential cancer packages.

In a press release circulated on November 18 in conjunction with the panel session, editor and Associate Director at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, and Policy Hellen Gelband said,   The cancer burden in LMICs is growing as proportion of total mortality, as deaths from infectious diseases and even other noncommunicable diseases are declining faster than the decline in cancer mortality.  Most of the expected increase is in cancer types that we currently do not know how to prevent, so it is critical that the capacity to treat curable cancers be greatly increased and that resources not be squandered on ineffective measures.” 

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DCP3 Series Editor Dr. Sue Horton presents the cost and cost-effectiveness of the essential cancer package at the AORTIC conference on November 18 in Marrakech.

We were pleased this month to announce the launch of the second installment of DCP3, Cancer, which was presented at the 10th International Conference on Cancer in Africa. You can now download the full volume from the World Bank as well as individual chapters from our website. I encourage you also to listen to lead editor Hellen Gellband discuss  “Costs, Affordability, and Feasibility of an Essential Package of Cancer Control Interventions in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries: Key Messages from Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition,” as part of The Lancet’s podcast series. Next on the horizon is Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders, which we will be released next month. As we look forward to a new year at DCP3, we wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.  Best wishes,