Prabhat Jha

Series Editor
Centre for Global Health Research, Toronto

Prabhat Jha serves as a DCP3 Series Editor in additon to editor of Cancer,  Major Infectious Diseases, and Disease Control Priorities.  Jha is the founding director of University of Toronto’s Centre for Global Health Research. He is also the Inaugural University of Toronto Endowed Professor in Disease Control, Canada Research Chair at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, co-investigator of the Disease Control Priorities Network, and expert advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on HIV/AIDS control in India and to various governments around the world on disease control strategies. Prior to founding CGHR, Prabhat headed the World Bank team responsible for developing the Second National HIV/AIDS Control Program in India.

He also served as a senior scientist for the World Health Organization, where he led the work on health and poverty for the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health. Prabhat has published widely on tobacco, HIV/AIDS, premature mortality, and the health of the global poor. Two of his ground-breaking publications on tobacco control policy led to the first-ever global treaty on tobacco control, now signed by over 160 countries.Among other projects at CGHR, Prabhat is currently leading one of the world’s largest prospective studies of premature mortality called the Million Death Study.

Articles & Reports

The Rise and Fall of HIV in High-Prevalence Countries: A Challenge for Mathematical Modeling
Lead Author: Nico J.D. Nagelkerke
, PLoS Computational Biology
Reliable Direct Measurement of Causes of Death in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Lead Author: Prabhat Jha
, BMC Medicine
Global Effects of Smoking, of Quitting, and of Taxing Tobacco
Lead Author: Prabhat Jha
, New England Journal of Medicine
Tobacco Taxation in China: An Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Lead Author: Stéphane Verguet
Smoking-Attributable Mortality in Bangladesh: Proportional Mortality Study
Lead Author: Dewan Alam
, Bulletin of the World Health Organization