New Lancet Commission on NCDs and Injury


DCP3 Series Editor - Dr. Rachel Nugent - along with several DCP3 editors, authors, and advisory committee members - is serving as a member of The Lancet's latest commission: The Lancet Commission on Reframing Non-communicable Diseases and Injuries for the Poorest Billion, which was announced in New York with an accompanying editorial in the journal.  According to the article, six commission working groups will focus on the following areas:

  1. Poverty
  2. Integrated health service delivery platforms and packages
  3. Market for commodities associated with interventions
  4. Effect of multisectoral action
  5. Expanded and innovative financing for NCDI's targeted toward the poor
  6. History of  advocacy and lessons for movement-building


The commission is comprised of 22 members who will spend the next 18 months exploring the relationship of NCDIs to poverty, and propose actions related to the aboive topics.  Members of the DCP3 community who are serving on the commission include: