Conditions and Interventions

Each chapter will describe an intervention to promote child and adolescent development from the post-‘1000 days’ to age 19, with a focus on lessons learned and costs. Chapters will include discussion of data-based development risk factors by 5-year age groupings, World Bank geographic region and gender data when available. Relevant policies affecting each intervention should be discussed. Each chapter will aim to include relevant review of existing economic analyses.



11. Nutrition in adolescence (Lead: Zohra Lassi)

12. School feeding (Lead: Lesley Drake)

13. Deworming and the dynamics of infectious disease (Lead: Simon Brooker)

14. Malaria in school-aged children (Lead: Brian Greenwood)

15. Delivery of vaccines to children and adolescents (Lead: D. Scott Lamontagne)

16. Promoting oral health in 5 to 19 year olds (Lead: Habib Benzian)

17. Children with disabilities (Lead: Natasha Graham)

18. Health and disease in adolescents (Lead: Nicola Reavley)