The Economics of Child Development

This section undertakes new economic analyses to cost three essential packages of interventions for early childhood, school-age children and adolescents.  The three essential packages are cost-effective, scalable and suited to low-resource settings.  Chapters in this section detail the returns of interventions by age and region.



24. Economic factors in defining the early childhood package (Lead author: Sue Horton)

25. Economic factors in defining the school-age package (Lead author: Meena Fernandes)

26. Economic factors in defining the adolescence package (Lead author: Sue Horton)

27. Human capital and productivity benefits of early childhood nutritional interventions (Lead: Jere Behrman)

28. Maternal deaths and impoverishment averted by postponing adolescent parity in developing countries through education: an extended cost-effectiveness analysis (Lead: Stephane Verguet)

29. Economics of mass deworming programs (Lead author: Michael Kremer)