Three Way Collaboration

DCP sought to work with local researchers and decision makers to produce and assemble evidence for choosing disease control priorities. This was carried out through multi-year collaborations with interested countries. The collaboration provided national decision makers with technical assistance and evidence on health policy topics selected by the country, and aimed to support country efforts for health priority-setting. 

The primary objectives of the collaboration with country selected may include:

  • Responding to the requests of policymakers and key stakeholders to assist them in using economic analysis and other priority setting tools.
  • Working with local researchers and stakeholders in the country and the broader WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region to develop economic evidence.
  • Facilitating the utilization of DCP3 methods to inform national policy, strategy, or priority-setting processes.
  • Supporting national decision makers in being a model in the region for using cost-effectiveness analysis to inform policy change. 

The specific approach taken will be determined by identified needs in the country selected, and will support national interests in generating evidence for policy development; country capacity building for the use and application of health economics and economic evaluation for decision making; and facilitating policy change. The target of policy change efforts will be determined by the needs of the local government and policy stakeholders.